African dragons are one of the types of dragons that are not as well known as the European dragon or the Oriental dragon. In fact, most of these dragons are not even recognized or thought of like dragons. Most African dragons are more like large serpents or giant snakes, sometimes possessing only two legs if any at all. These serpent-like dragons were seen several times throughout African culture, including folklore, religion, mythology, and tribal stories. These dragon's stories were found in tribes, cities, and towns all over Africa including Egypt.

The Dahomey of West Africa bel the world was created by Nana-Buluku, their interpretation of God. Nana-Buluku created himself a companion named Aido-Hwedo. Aido-Hwedo was a "rainbow serpent", or dragon. It was said that the dragon's droppings made mountains and also helped nourish the plants of the Earth. It was also said that the dragon's writhing created rivers and valleys.

Throughout the African's and Egyptian's lives, they were told of dragons. For the Ancient Egyptians, they gave thanks and praise to Ra for successfully bringing the sun back into the sky after fighting with Apep, a serpent-like dragon God that struggled to take the life of Ra and rule the Egyptian Gods. There are many stories like this. The Africans are constantly reminded about the monstrous creatures. It is also said that the dragon, Aido-Hwedo, will destroy the world that it created.

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