"A wyvern shrouded in mystery and known by many names -- "the black god" to some, "the tyrant of fire" to others, but usually called "Akantor" by the Guild. Its giant spines and tusks make for a fearsome sight in the volcanic areas it frequents."
―Hunter's Notes

Akantor is a drake that appears in multiple Monster Hunter games. In the games, the creature is classified as a Flying Wyvern despite not having wings.


Akantor is a massive quadrupedal drake that has lost it's wings through evolution. It's body is heavy-set and covered in thick armor. It's back is almost entirely covered in huge spikes with glowing red light in between them. It's limbs and tail end in long claws. It's head is large, with huge plate-like teeth and massive tusks. When enraged, orange veins appear on Akantor's head and forelimbs.


Out of all the titans that dwell in the volcanic regions, Akantor is easily one of the top dogs, only able to be challenged by the likes of Crimson Fatalis and Dire Miralis. Virtually anything that moves in the region is potential prey, and it will even hunt the heavily armored Gravios, which most predators avoid.

Akantor also is a serious problem for humans, as it's activity throws off the fragile volcanic stability in the area, and it's attacks can easily destroy settlements and ships from a long ways away.


Akantor is a bruiser, relying on sheer force with it's claws, tusks, and bulk to take down foes. It is also a proficient digger, even when the ground is lava and volcanic rock. Akantor's most famous ability is it's dragon breath attack, taking the form of a powerful black wind tunnel that can easily kill smaller creatures and even destroy ships at sea. When angered, the drake's breath also becomes incredibly corrosive.


Akantor is most vulnerable to Dragon Element and Electrical attacks.

Akantor's tusks, chest armor, and back spikes can be broken, and its tail can be severed.