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An Armorwing looks like a Monstrous Nightmare, it searches for metal and takes it back to it's den, once it finds the metal it uses it's fire and sticks it on it's body for armour. The first time an Armorwing shows is in the episode from dragon riders Snotlout gets the axe the Armorwing steals his axe.

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The Armorwing shoots a blast that looks similar to the attack of the Nadder, this blast welds metal to its body because it does not have scales. When the blast is shot near the eyes of another dragon, will cause them to be disoriented and almost blind. These effects don't last long but will disable a dragons vision. The Armorwing can also light metal from its tail on fire and throw it, but in doing so leaves that spot of skin exposed, as seen from the RTTE episode Mi Amore Wing. (edited by Dishwasherdan)