Bazelgeuse is a wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter World


Bazelgeuse is a large mainly bipedal wyvern, with the top of its body covered in large gold scales, and the scales around its head faintly resembling a lion's mane. Its wings are very wide, and resemble an airplane's. On the underside of its neck and tail are numerous pinecone-shaped protrusions.


Bazelgeuse is one of only a few creatures that seem to be capable of inhabiting and thriving in virtually any habitat. They often are on the move from one ecosystem to the next, feeding off of whatever gets caught in their explosive volleys, and have a habit of going out of their way to challenge and attack other large and powerful creatures in the area.


Bazel's primary feature is the numerous organs on the bottom of its body. These stubs continually form large clustered scale pods that are then dropped onto the ground during combat, often while flying. Upon detaching from Bazel, these pods become armed landmines in a sense, exploding if exposed to physical force or tremors, often being detonated by Bazel itself, as the wyvern is highly fond of using brute force on threats. Occasionally during fights, Bazel can enter a superheated state, where its body glows orange. When superheated, its scale pods detonate immediately upon falling off the wyvern. Bazel is also shown to be capable of breathing fire, though only in limited bursts, and is mainly using for triggering its bombs.


Bazelgeuse is vulnerable to electric attacks.

While its bombs will constantly regenerate, baiting it into frequently using large amounts of them in a short period of time will briefly exhaust its supply, making the wyvern much more manageable until they grow back fully.

Additionally, its love for combat and challenging other monsters means that it frequently suffers injuries from these numerous encounters as well.

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