"Stories of this legendary dragon date back to antiquity. Many skilled hunters have sought to challenge it, but none have ever returned. A monster shrouded in mystery..."
―Hunter's Notes

Black Fatalis, sometimes just referred to as Fatalis, is species of Elder Dragons that appear in many Monster Hunter games.


Fatalis resembles a typical Western dragon, having a black lizard-like body with a long neck and a whip-like tail, with large wings and a toothy maw. Short spikes go all the way down it's back, and 4 curved horns adorn it's head. A Fatalis eye has a crystalline shell over it that offers extra defense, but reduces the dragon's vision. Perhaps the most disturbing of details is that Black Fatalis reportedly melts the scales and armor of it's fallen prey and enemies onto it's own.


Fatalis dragons are exceedingly rare and are only a legend to most. Most hunters who attempt to find and slay one never return. It is said that Black Fatalis once destroyed an entire city, and now dwells within the ruined castle. This same Fatalis also potentially scared a large dragon named Lao Shan Lung towards a town when it was out hunting.


Black Fatalis, despite it's smaller stature in comparison to other dragons, is vicious and incredibly powerful. It will typically rush enemies on foot, crush them or swat them with it's tail. It's fire breath is second to none, taking the form of massive jets of flame, explosive fireballs bright enough to blind humans, and bursts of fire caused by delayed combustion. Fatalis also has immense stamina and tough scales. These dragons are also rumored to be intelligent creatures.

In battle, Fatalis likes to switch between two methods of attack. On all fours, it rushes enemies and uses large but slow AOE attacks. When standing on it's hind legs, it mainly stays in one spot and tries to pick foes off with long range fireballs.


Black Fatalis itself does not possess many true weaknesses. However it's current dwelling of Castle Schrade could be considered one, as many of the castle's ancient weaponry is still active, such as cannons and the Dragonator.

Fatalis' head and wings can be broken.


  • "Fatalis" is based off the word "Fatal" referencing both the creature's lore, and how it plays in-game. In early Monster Hunter games, taking an attack by Fatalis was almost certainly instant death. Even in newer games, Fatalis can still obliterate the unprepared with a single attack.
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