The Buffalord is a Mystery Class Dragon that first appeared in the episode Buffalord Soldier or Dragons: Race to the Edge.

"Although it's been hunted to near extinction, the benevolent Buffalord holds the only cure to the lethal disease known as the Scourge of Odin.
Once roaming across the Archipelago in large herds, the Buffalord now lives a solitary existence grazing in peace and secreting a green drool with amazing curative properties. As such, this exceeding rare dragon would fetch a hefty price at any auction. Fortunately, the Buffalord has no interest in leaving its grassy plains and will keep any hunter at bay with its abilities: firing the many spikes studding its hide and doubling its size by inflating!"


The Buffalord is known to puff up like a Pufferfish. It puffs up two times its original size and can almost break anything. It is also known to shoot spikes from its body for self defense. It also has uncontrollable fire, which can spread easily. It also has healing saliva if mixed with chewed grass, which can cure the disease, Scourge of Odin.

Behavior and Personality

Once the Buffalord is away from its habitat, it will inflate itself in order to defend itself. It needs to constantly eat grass from its habitat.

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