The Catastrophic Quaken is a heavy boulder class found in dark deep. By flying up then dropping it can create a shockwave that can knock dragons out of the sky.


The Catastrophic Quaken can eat rocks and spit lava, jut like the Gronckle. This dragon can curl itself into a ball, just like an armadillo and can smash itself against the ground. This dragon also strong enough to crash rocks with its body as it curls like a ball. Their height is about 50-60 feet, their width is about 30-45 feet and length is 55 feet.

Personality and Behavior

The Catastrophic Quacken obeys when hammering sounds are done. They are trained with those sounds. When the dragon hunter use hammers to make them work, Fishlegs later used that hammer to use the Catastrphic Quacken to stop the hunters.