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The Cavern Crasher is a Mystery Class dragon that first appeared in the episode Crash Course of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

"The Cavern Crasher flings flammable mucus and scurries across underground catacombs in search of its favorite food: Firecomb!

Single-minded and voracious, the Cavern Crasher may lack wings, but its body has adapted to survive beneath the earth. With its reinforced beak and claws, this dragon climbs rock walls and hangs upside-down from stalactites. But the Cavern Crasher's most dangerous feature, by far, is its ability to excrete and eject slick mucus from the bulbous ducts on its back and then set it ablaze!"


The Cavern Crasher is a pest to other dragons that live in caves. This dragon preys on other dragon's eggs and drives out the parents. This dragon breathes fire and also produce flammable mucus from their back and can be used to spread throughout the floor that can make the place burn. This dragon also crawls fast and is very agile. It can also climb on ceilings of caves. It also has collapsible skeleton which means it can flatten itself when it needs to.

Behavior and Personality

The Cavern Crasher is extremely cunning and devious, going at great lengths to raid a dragon’s nest in order to feast on eggs or a dragon hatchling. It will even drive away other dragons in order to take over their habitat.

While the Cavern Crasher lacks the ability to fly, it makes up for quick agility. The dragon also is able to collapse its entire skeletal structure in order to squeeze through the thinnest crevasse. Another ability that the Cavern Crasher possesses is a green flammable mucus that is released from the multiple bumps on the back.