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This mysterious dragon's diet usually consists of fireweed, fish, wild boar, nightcomb, and smaller dragons. It is a huge beast with a wingspan of 30 feet. The Changewing is a very sneaky dragon as it can camouflage and is very agile. They weigh almost 950 pounds and are massive, but as mentioned before they are very fast and agile creatures. Instead of fire, they have a very corrosive acid that can burn wood much faster than fire can. Changewing eggs have a transparent looking outline, and on the inside is a variety of different colored lights. Most Changewings are red and orange, while some (often extremely rare) have green and blue. They have the ability to hypnotize, but only one dragon at a time unlike an alpha class which can control millions. This is why the Changewings are a Mystery Class because they have a mix of different variety of powers and also have the abilities to disguise themselves. This is why Changewings are truly beautiful, yet harmful dragons. Watch out, because you may never know when a changeling might attack you. Just make sure you don't touch its acid breath . The change wing is from race to the edge how to train you dragon.

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