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The Chinese Fireball, also known as the Liondragon, is a dragon native to China.

Appearances in the Harry Potter Books

A Chinese Fireball was brought over from Romania by Charlie Weasley and placed in the Triwizard Tournament as part of the First Task. Viktor Krum was the one who had to get the Golden Egg from this dragon. Unlike the other three champions, Krum didn't use a broomstick to fly (ironic since he was a professional Quidditch player), but used a Conjuctivitus Curse on the Chinese Fireball's eye to get his egg, but lost points because this caused the dragon to stomp on some of its eggs.

In film

Its role in the film is similar, except no details of how Krum faced the Chinese Fireball are given. The Chinese Fireball is never clearly seen, even its miniature version when Krum takes it out of the bag, unlike the others (though all that is seen of the Swedish Short-Snout is its wings).

Behind the scenes