Dark Dragon is the only and First Evil Dragon thats has been the Main Villan of Disney Jake Long American Dragon cartoon series ,he has apeard only 2 Episodes of Season 1 in Episode Dragon Summit he battled American and Scotish Dragon on Isand of Draco (were Dragon Councile resdes ) aand after that he was defeated and exiled,but in the past wen Grandfater of Jake Long was young Chiness Dragon he was the only one that has ever defeated Dark Dragon.His form in First Season is Purple-Black with Yellow Eyes while his Season 2 Form is much more Powerfull and larger and it is Black-Blue with Redish Eyes.His minions are Councilor Chang ( second known Evil dragon ) and his Shade demons with wich he attacked Dragon Councile

Dark dragon
Councilor Chang

in Last Episode of Season 2 but was defeated and imprisond in Magical portal.His human form is unknown,but his dragon form is very similar with Maleficants.

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