Dinraal is one of three legendary dragons seen in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Dinraal is a massive dragon that highly resembles a classic eastern dragon. It's body is long, white and serpentine, with rows of rock-like orange spikes on it's back and tail. There are three pairs of small legs on it's body, and it's head is adorned with two large curved horns.


Little is known about Dinraal, and most Hylians only know of him in legend. All that's known is that Dinraal is spirit of fire that took the form of a dragon to watch over Hyrule.


Dinraal lives in Northwest Hyrule, in the Tabantha and Eldin regions. He follows a set path everyday, appearing north of Death Mountain at night and flying across the Tabantha Gorge in the morning. It can also be seen above Death Mountain sometimes, but out of range of arrows.


Much of what Dinraal can do is unknown. The creature takes little interest in monsters, and bears no ill will towards Hylians or other races. It also cannot be killed, and will simply fly up into the sky when attacked. However, Dinraal constantly produce powerful updrafts around it, as well as orbs of fire that can be dangerous for anyone who strays too close to the beast.

The scales, claws, fangs, and horns of Dinraal can be used to create powerful elixirs. Its scale is also required to enter the shrine at the Spring of Power.

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