"Some legends consider this great dragon to be the devil fated to destroy the world, while others claim it is the giant who birthed creation. Is there any way for mere humans to quell its unending rage?"
―Hunter's Notes

Dire Miralis is an Elder Dragon appearing in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


Dire Miralis is massive dragon whose body shape somewhat resembles Fatalis, having a long body with a thin whip-like tail. Its skin resembles hardened volcanic rock, with glowing "veins" containing a magma-like fluid covering it's body. It's wings have adapted to no longer be flight-capable, and numerous vents cover its back, neck and wings. When angered, the magma in its body glows brighter.


Only one specimen of Dire Miralis has ever been seen. Long ago, it left its volcanic home and attacked Port Tanzia, only to be repelled by hunters in a bay that would come to be known as a the Tainted Sea, and kept at bay over the many year after by Tanzia's lighthouse. The dragon did return eventually, and would engage and destroy and entire fleet of ships in the Tainted Sea on its way to Port Tanzia. An elite hunter group was eventually tasked with stopping and slaying the dragon for good.


In battle, Dire Miralis behaves in a similar manner to its Fatalis cousins. When on all fours, it rushes opponents, and on two legs, it mainly relies on projectiles. Its long tail, massive bulk, and powerful claws make it a fearsome melee attacker, and much of its skin is about as hard as volcanic rock. Its heart also continues to beat long after the dragon dies, supposedly to resurrect it should it fall in battle.


Miralis produces this artificial magma inside its body, which cools into unique crystals. The liquid makes its skin incredibly hot, and Miralis can spit highly explosive fireballs comprised of slightly solidified magma. It also continuously ejects magma globules from the vents covering its body, making it highly dangerous to go near the creature.

Armor Mode

When it's HP begins to run low, Dire Miralis enters and armor mode, which leaves most of it's body invulnerable to attack, with only it's "smelters", large organs visible on it's tail base, shoulders, and chest, which collect and cycle it's magma, being vulnerable to attack.

Rain of Fire

Similar to Crimson Fatalis, Dire Miralis can somehow summon fireballs down from the sky, in an extremely wide radius. When it does this, it's wing vents eject pillars of fire.


Dire Miralis is best dealt with using weapons that contain dragon energy or ice energy. Concussive blasts can also pierce the harder portions of it's body.