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The Draconic Alliance is a group of wikis focusing on Dragons or the idea of the dragon, in any form of folklore, myth, history and fantasy fiction. We are dedicated to promoting the sharing of knowledge about dragonkind across the internet and the promotion of our member wikis.


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Any and every wiki about dragons is welcome in the alliance and any wiki including dragons is welcome in the league.

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Chair of the Alliance

The Chair of the Alliance, along with other signatories, decides the content of the Agenda and ensures that the idea of the Draconic Alliance is upheld.

Vice Chair of the Alliance

The Vice Chair of the Alliance aids in the construction of the Agenda and ensures that the Agenda items are carried out. If a Chair of the Alliance is unavailable, the Vice Chair becomes Acting Chair.

Ambassador to the League

The Ambassador to the League is an Alliance member responsible for attracting new affiliate wiki to join the Alliance and League. If the Chair and Vice Chair are unavailable, the Ambassador will become Vice Chair, appointing a new Ambassador from the ranks of the Riders.


Riders are a team who patrol the smaller (less than 100 page) Alliance and League Wikis to protect them from vandalism. Individuals with previous Rollback experience are prefered.

Team Members

Anyone of the above along with some other people specifically helping the draconic alliance.

Members of the Alliance and League

Members of the Alliance are all users of wikis which have signed up to the Convention of the Alliance. Members of the League are all users of wikis which are affiliated with the league. Alliance members may vote in elections and polls, League members may only vote in polls.

The Draconic Alliance Team

The following was a member of the draconic alliance before it went inactive.




  • Update the footer to include draconic league wikis and display it on draconic league wikis as well as draconic alliance ones.
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