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Why you should add your community to The Draconic Alliance

  • Technical Support - Creating a skin can be intimidating, editing top navigation and the main page even more so and we haven't even got on to CSS. But the Draconic Alliance has people proficiant in CSS and other technical issues in Wikia.
  • Anti-vandalism - Everyone needs to take time off eventually and they don't want to come back to find their wiki a mass of vandalism. Fortunately our Riders can patrol your wiki while you are away.
  • Cross wiki promotion - We will add your site to our footer which will help new people find it.
  • Search Engine Optimization - The dark art of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is often more guesswork than proven strategies. However, one thing that is known to work well is to generate a lot of links, something that our footer will do.

What do you have to do to join The Draconic Alliance

  1. Contact us in the comments bellow
  2. Add the Draconic Alliance template to your main page - the code is "{{w:Draconic Alliance}}" (not including quotemarks).
  3. We will add you to the template.
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