Draconis Auragelus is a mammalian species of Dragon from Ark: Survival Evolved. Unlike Draconis Vipera and Draconis Obscurum, they survived the mutations caused by the Element, and uses the Element itself as a natural propellant to launch it into the air. They are also quite reckless for an apex predator.


They are very similar to Draconis Vipera in appearance. Unlike it though, they are covered in fur and their entire underbelly is covered in corruptive Element. They also have more mammalian nostrils, and their faces are more feline. Their wings are bat like, and the membrane is always blue. They have holes on the bottom of their hind legs, which end in paws. The tail is long, and ends with a large amount of insulating fur. They are a bit skinny, and are very long.


They are very aggressive, always leaping before they look. Once they spot potential prey, they will blast it with its ice breath and leap towards it, dealing damage on impact and then viciously biting it, occasionally jumping back then jumping at its prey again. Their wild breeding habits are unknown. When tamed, they are very obedient, and follow the same hunting strategy when commanded to hunt. They are so obedient, that unlike Draconis Vipera and Draconis Obscurum, they will breed when commanded to. The children are quite hard to reach and feed, though.


Unlike their cousins, they are very bombastic, attacking with natural jets on the bottom of their hind limbs. These jets can send Draconis Auragelus much faster than almost any living creature, only beat by Draconis Obscurum. They do have a limit to how much they can be used per flight, though.

They also have a very powerful ice breath. This attack can be used to severely hinder opponent’s movements. If used for a duration of time, it completely stops them in their tracks. This leaves Draconis Auragelus to attack at its leisure until the ice breaks.

Taming and Taming Strategies

This one is pretty simple. Speed and tranquilizers are all you need to knock it out. Avoid its attacks, then when it’s unconscious, slowly feed it meat. Do this for about an hour or more, and Draconis Auragelus will be yours forever.


The same as taming. Other strategies that do work include using a Draconis Vipera or Draconis Obscurum. These two are more powerful, and have more control. Another strategy is to lead it to a group of mammoths. It will attack them, and the mammoths will kill it eventually. If neither of these work, just get a few people with shields and assault rifles and shoot away. This should drive it off or kill it. If that doesn’t work, get on the nearest mount and run like your life depends on it. The Draconis Auragelus will eventually lose interest.