Draconis Obscurum is a species of Dragon from the video game ARK: Survival Evolved, classified as a Drake. They are closely related to Draconis Vipera, the Ark wyvern. Like their wyvern cousins, they were extinct on the Earth, being corrupted before the re-seed program was activated and the species was reintroduced.


Draconis Obscurum, more commonly known as the Rock Drake, has a similar appearance to a large monitor lizard. Of coarse, they have several differences. One is that they have feathers lining their forelimbs, their head, their spine, and a fan of feathers on their tail. Their eggs have a rocky appearance and are covered in dark, rock looking spikes. Around those spikes, there is a purple glow. The adults are also as large, if not, larger than a tyrannosaur.


Unlike their Wyvern, Managarmr, Crystal Wyvern, and Dragon cousins, they have no breath attack and are flightless. Instead, they can glide, and have a camouflage technique that makes it near impossible to see them. They reflect the light around them on their scales and make it impossible to see with the untrained eye. Also, unlike the other species, they are adapted specifically for living in caverns. They can climb anything, even upside down. And while they can’t fly, if given enough altitude, their glide is much faster than anything native to the Arks. And radiation attacks are useless against it, as it is immune to all radiation.


Fighting Draconis Obscurum is no easy feat. Unlike the wyvern, it is extremely durable. While its attacks do less overall damage than the wyvern, they can still kill a weaker person fairly quickly. And it can dive-bomb its opponents, killings weaker ones in almost an instant. You shouldn’t use regular Draconis hunting tactics, due to their environment being full of radiation and them being flightless. Instead, wear a full hazard suit, and ride your own Draconis Obscurum or a tamed Reaper King into battle. Another way is to trap them in a roofed enclosure of stone, and shoot through any small opening to kill iit. Spinosaurus can also be decent for battling Draconis Obscurum, but in the absence of water, it is at a disadvantage. Do not attempt to fight without a hazard suit. Otherwise, the radiation will kill you before you even find one.

Taming and Taming Strategies

They are tamed the same way as Draconis Vipera, by stealing an egg. Unlike it though, you have to use a cave living mount to successfully get the eggs. If without a mount, use a jetpack and climbing picks to escape once you have the egg. Raising the hatchling(s), you must gather venom from the dangerous Nameless to feed it. Once full grown, they eat regular meat and don’t need the venom anymore. It is possible to tame it through respect, by knocking it out and slowly feeding the unconscious Drake meat, but it is so hard and risky that only one person in recorded history has succeeded: Meiyin Li.