Draconis Vipera (commonly called the Wyvern), is a species of Dragon from the game ARK: Survival Evolved, that lived in the desert Ark space stations. On earth, the species was extinct, being killed and corrupted by the King Titan. They are highly aggressive to anything of the same size or smaller.



The poison wyvern is the second weakest of the living variants. Like the other Draconis Vipera, it is long and has a breath attack. They are also the most common variant. Unlike the other variants, they have a very snakelike head and two small flaps on the side of their head. Their color ranges from a multitude of many greens to possible purples. They spit a large glob of acid from their mouth, that reaches a very large area and poisons its target. While the dragon itself is immune to its own breath, riders must beware because it can still affect them.


The overall second strongest wyvern type, like the name suggests, they breath fire. They are one of the rarest and their eggs are sometimes the hardest to steal. Like other species, they are large and long, and have humongous wings that a flap from could blow enemies of their feet and several meters away. They are also the only variant that in the wild, can turn into an alpha. Their heads are more stereotypical than the other wyverns, having a brow of horns over each of its eyes. They are usually red, brown, or gold. They have a row of large spines running down their back, and flaps coming out of the sides of the tail. There is a smaller sub-variant called the Forest Wyvern, which is always bright red, and is a wild ally to survivors, coming to help kill the Forest Titan


They are blue wyverns that shoot bioelectricity from glands in their mouths. They resemble fire wyverns, but instead of spikes, they have small fins along their back and on their head. Their head shape is also more triangular. They can also have shades of purple on them as well. They also have a large ribbon of flesh running down their back. Their bioelectricity has a long range and does more damage than the other breath attacks from the other variants.


The only wyvern that lives in sub-zero environments specifically. They release a gas cloud from their mouths that slows down its prey. Along with its frigid environment, it can usually stop it dead in its tracks. Specific to the island Ark of Ragnarok and the mountainous Ark of Valguero, they are the rarest traditional variant. They are also the weakest wyvern, with their breath attacks doing little to no real damage. They are light blue, brown, or green, and resemble a two legged, beaked version of Wings of Fire's Ice Wings.


The most dangerous of the wyverns. Unlike all the other wyverns, their eggs are impossible to find and they are untamable. They have the attacks of the original three wyverns from Scorched Earth, which is the only Ark you can find it on. They can also summon the zombified variants of these wyverns (see below). They are beaked, and much larger than the other wyverns. They have feathers everywhere except their leathery wings and their tails. They also can hunt over a longer range than the other wyverns, and it is suggested in the hat skin description on the mobile app that they are from another dimension, and not originally of the Arks.


One of the two undead variants, they are summoned by the Dodowyvern as hunting partners and body guards. Once the Dodowyvern is killed, they are claimable by the person who defeated it, and become his/her servants. They look simply like mutilated versions of the Scorched Earth variants, and have the same overall abilities. If not claimed, they are most likely to be killed by wild Deathworms or Rock Elementals.


The last of the regular Fire Wyverns on Earth, they have all been corrupted and enhanced by the King Titan and his Element. They are mostly the same as their pre-mortem variant, except that they are disfigured by the Element, have purple fire from the corruption, and can break any material, given enough time. They also are infertile, and used to be forever cloned by the Element, only stopping once the King Titan was killed and the Arks re-seed program activated, killing all corrupted variants and replacing them with healthy members of the species.

Taming and Taming Strategies

Taming and raising a wyvern is no easy task. To do so, you must steal an egg and use an immense source of heat to incubate it. Once the egg is done incubating, there is a chance of one, two, or three hatchlings, which explains why the eggs are fifty kilograms each. The inhabitants of the Arks have found many ways to successfully steal the eggs for hatching and raising. A popular method is to use the speed of a griffin in a sort of hit and run maneuver, diving in, taking the egg, and getting out of there asap. After the young wyvern(s) hatch, you will need to supply a steady stream of wyvern milk, obtained from milking unconscious wild females. Another egg stealing strategy is to use a Tapejara and out maneuver the parents. It is risky though, because while the Tapejara is more maneuverable, the wyverns are faster, and the weight of the egg might slow down the Tapejara even more. The same maneuver is attempted with other flying mounts, but unless they can fend off the wyverns, they are as good as dead, and you may have to run on foot.


It’s actually pretty simple: enough ammo or a trained, tamed member of Draconis on your side, and you have almost nothing to fear. Almost. One way to take them out is to lure them to an area full of active turrets. They will kill it quite quickly. Another option is to use a grappling hook to latch onto the neck and chop to your hearts content. The wyvern you’re attacking will be helpless, but others can still attack you. Another strategy is to attack it head on with a more powerful tame. Other wyverns or Draconis Obscurum can do the trick. Draconis Auragelus could be used, but is not recommended due to being overall less durable and powerful. During combat, avoid nearby hazards that include, but are not limited to: Mantis Swarms, Deathworms, Rock Elementals, Raptor Packs, Lava Rivers, Titanoboas, etc.

If without modern weaponry or a strong mount, avoid Draconis Vipera at all costs. They can destroy any wooden or thatch structures, and can kill weaker men with a single attack. They hunt over a wide range, and have to eat hundreds of pounds of meat a day, so you and your friends are just a light snack. If you have a structure or trap of sturdy rocks and/or bricks, trapping them is simply just tricking them. Wild ones are dumb, and have trouble seeing bad situations. They share this trait with Draconis Auragelus, the Managarmr, which will usually kill itself by picking fights it cannot win.

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