A small Dragonnet


The Dragonnet is a small dragon, like Terrible Terrors. That doesn't mean they're any less vicious on the battlefield. They are quite rare.


The Dragonnet looks just like the classic Western dragon. It has the same scales, claws, and horns. It can fly and breathe fire. The only real difference between the two species, in fact, is size. Classic dragons may be huge, but all dragonnets are human-sized or smaller. Some dragonnets are no larger than a person's finger! The dragonnet's small size is deceptive. Although these creatures are tiny, they are very dangerous to humans. For one thing, dragonnets live and hunt in packs. A group of dragonnets can easily bring down a human victim. For another thing dragonnets have poisonous blood. A person who slays a dragonnet will die if the creature's toxic blood touches his or her skin. Luckily for humans everywhere, most dragonnets stay away from settled areas. They live on high, cold mountaintops, where they survive by eating the babies of larger dragons. Sometimes they sneak into a dragon's nest after killing one of its offspring. They act like babies to get free food and protection from the unsepecting parent.