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This is the Dragons wiki, featuring information about all kinds of dragons from a wide variety of movies, televisions, video games and more. From legends and lore to books and short stories and beyond, here is explored the cultural icon and influence that is the dragon; the greatest and most famous of mythical creatures that inhabits our dreams, haunts our nightmares and has forever left a permanent mark on the cultures of man.

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KillRoy231 KillRoy231 23 March

List of stuff with dragons in it: Weakest to strongest

At least according to everything I've seen/played.

Books won't be numbered but will be placed. There are probably many with dragons in them that I hav…

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Dragon gamer and tamer Dragon gamer and tamer 19 March 2021


Hi I'm new here and if you have any questions about my editing reply on my message wall.

How to train your dragon is my life. when I came back from th…

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