A European Dragon

The European Dragon (Draco occidentalis magnus

Known to most people through their ability to breath fire and their love of treasure, this species is now confined to a few remote areas. Effective at using language, they shed theis skins triannially. They can be found across the globe, although it is most common in the European mountains.


They are 13 to 17 feet high at the shoulder and 45 feet long. Colouration is red, green, black, rarely gold with the most ancient turning almost white. European Dragons eat large herbivores and dislike human meat(Quite bitter, you see.). The egg is blue and purple, becoming darker towards hatching. They are highly intelligent, loving riddles and conversing in Dragonish, English or Latin. The European can often live for more than 400 years, with some examples long predating the S.A.S.D..


  • Dr. Ernest Drake was on first-name terms with many European Dragons, including Thorfax(Lived to 304.), Scorcher, Torcher, Idraigir, Guardian and Scramsax.
  • They are the most selective hoarders, basing value on the hardness of the gem.
  • They have a subspecies, the Tunguska.