Fireworm Princess.png

Fireworms are one of the smallest dragons ever, but to protect themselves they light themselves on fire almost all the time! Fireworms get their flame just like the Fireworm Queen, they get from their fire combs that hold a gel that gives them their fire. They also hatch from these combs with some assistance from the Queen and have fire as hatchlings. When Fireworms get close to one another they become brighter, so once they get closer to Fireworm island they brighten. When Fireworms migrate they first send Fireworm scouts to see if the place they’re going to is safe. Fireworms have 6 legs that help with speed.

While normal Fireworms are very small, the Fireworm Queen is much larger, around the size of a Monstrous Nightmare.

Attack: 3 Class: Stoker

Speed: 8 Wingspan: 4 inches

Armor: 4 Weight: 1 lb

Fire Power: 15 Length: 6 inches

Shot limit: 6 Fire Type: Unknown

Venom: 0

Food of choice: Fire comb gel

Jaw strength: 1

Stealth: 8