"Coated in a thick, sticky fluid, this massive elder dragon appears unhindered by the Dragonator lodged in its back. Eyewitness reports suggest that, despite its massive size, this mysterious behemoth is indeed capable of flight."
―Hunter's Notes

Gogmazios is an Elder Dragon appearing in the videogame Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.


Gogmazios is a black dragon of immense size. Despite this, its limbs and body are very thin. The beast uses its wings as a third pair of legs and a set of arms. Numerous spines and spikes cover its back, tail, and chest. Its head resembles the front of an oceanic cargo ship, with red eyes and numerous fangs. Most interestingly of all, on its back is a dragonator, a mechanical spear typically mounted to fortress walls to impale attacking dragons.


Only one specimen of Gogmazios has been seen. Although this creature was only recently discovered, its presence has been indirectly known for generations. Its first appearance began when the city of Dundorma reported having its munitions warehouse raided at night. The culprit was not identified, and oddly enough, the original dragonator that protected the city had vanished as well. Decades later, multiple reports of munitions stores being raided across the region with only puddles of tar in their wake surfaced. The beast was finally sighted heading towards Dundorma. An elite group of hunters cornered the monster in the battlequarters and slew it.


Gogmazios is surprisingly quick for a creature of its size, and uses its tail and wing claws to crush and swat foes. Despite its looks, the dragon can extend wing membranes and fly continuously for a while. Gogmazios' most unique feature is that it produces heavy drakesbone oil, which covers its whole body and protects it. The oil often drips off and ensnares small creatures who try to flee. Gogmazios can also spit a jet of pressurized oil from its mouth with incredible force. When greatly angered, the dragon will also release black fumes. Gogmazios can also use fire in two main ways. When scraping its tail or claws on the ground, the friction heats them up and ignites the oil on them, burning foes. It also has an internal furnace which heats its oil up to the point of delayed combustion. It can then fire a stream of pre-combustion oil, collecting as a large pustule on the ground before violently exploding. When greatly enraged, all the oil that drips off its body will also ignite and explode.


Gogmazios harbors two main elemental weaknesses to fire and dragon element attacks. Additionally, the battlequarters where it is fought features many anti-dragon weapons, along with the dragonator on its back which can be broken off and used.

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