Physical Appearance



Grapple Grounder eggs come in a variety of colors. They have a few large white bumps that stick out from it and the scales can be seen clearly on the surface of the egg.

Hatchling to Adult

The Grapple Grounder is normally red, with golden or yellow spots or rings on its body. It has four horns and its body is long and slender. The tail is shaped like an arrow and it has the larger wings, compared to its body, than other dragons of the Boulder class.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Grapple Grounders are dark gray with black stripes. They have green wings and a green outlined arrow-shaped tail. There are small blue spots on their knees as well. They developed a pair of smaller horns, as well as grew more spines along its neck to the tail, which are also sharper and smaller.



This dragon is described to be the wrestler of the dragon kingdom. They prefer to constrict their prey rather than use their fire, wrapping their victims with a bone-crushing squeeze similar to large constrictor snakes such as anacondas and boa constrictors.


The Grapple Grounder can shoot a light-blue pulse ball that is most likely made out of plasma. It can shoot multiple of the blue orbs at a time, but at a sacrifice of size. The strength of a Grapple Grounder's plasma shots varies by size; larger plasma shots move slowly but have a stronger magnetic pull while smaller plasma shots move very fast but have a weaker magnetic pull. This information could also infer it might be electromagnetic. If a Grapple Grounder takes a deep enough breath or charges it long enough, the fire will come out as a big blackish sphere that explodes impressively upon impact, almost fatal. Its bomb contains Magnesium Gel.

In addition, the Grapple Grounder launches fireballs at its opponents and are said to create beautiful waves in the sky as they shoot.

Speed and Agility

Being a snake-like dragon, the Grapple Grounder is very agile. It quickly twists and coils around its victims. It likes to slice its victims, much like the Razorwhip.

Behavior and Personality

The Grapple Grounder is jumpy, aggressive, contentious, and described to be merciless to its enemies. It is also quite stubborn due to the fact that it doesn't know when to back down.

It is also known to lurk in the dark, however, it is unknown if it has night vision to help it orientate in the dark.


The Grapple Grounder has slow attacks and can't dish out attacks in a fast amount of time, making them vulnerable to ships to fire.

When the Grapple Grounder is frustrated and has nothing to fight it may tie itself up in knots. This dragon also does not know when to quit or retreat.

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