"Large wyverns found in volcanic areas. They possess a fiery breath attack and the ability to emit sleeping gas. Their bony carapaces are extremely tough, but expose a surprisingly brittle interior once destroyed."
―Hunter's Notes

Gravios is a wyvern that appears in multiple Monster Hunter games. It is the adult form of Basarios.


Gravios is a massive bipedal wyvern. It's body is covered in thick plates of bony rock-like armor with blunt spikes. It's wings are proportionally small, while it's lower body is large and muscular. It's tail is long and ends in a huge club. It's head is flat with a short blunt horn on it's nose.


Gravios sits in an interesting ecological niche. It's primary food is rocks with high mineral content, meaning it only competes with one or two other organisms for food. Because of it's diet, it mainly lives in volcanoes, but will venture to swamps or forests on occasion. However, Gravios are very territorial and powerful, and few creatures would ever dare to challenge or hunt one of these behemoths.

Gravios typically are a major nuisance for miners, resulting in them being a common target for hunters.


Gravios are slow, but powerful fighters. At melee range, they rely on trampling, rolling over, or crushing foes with their bulk or tail. Their armor is incredibly hard, and they boast an immunity to fire.

Fire Beam

Gravios can fire a powerful beam or fire, or shorter bursts. This attack requires a great deal of focus, and Gravios often has to vent off waste products after usage.


Gravios can release either a superheated gas or a sleeping gas from chinks in their underbellies.


Gravios are highly vulnerable to water element attacks and concussive blasts. Their slow speed also makes them vulnerable if you can damage them.

Black Gravios

A less common, but more aggressive subspecies with black armor. It's notably more proficient in it's fire beam usage.

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