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The Grim Gnasher is a Sharp Class Dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Race of the Edge.

"Despite their relatively small size, Grim Gnashers love nothing more than to sink their thousands of teeth into weaker dragons.
Sneaky and opportunistic, Grim Gnashers circle above their injured prey like carrion birds. Even though they hunt in packs, Grim Gnashers prefer to feast on a dragon that can't defend itself, rather than take on a healthy dragon. Yet Grim Gnashers are just as deadly with their long-range attacks. Possessing a shark-like ability to regenerate row after row of sharp teeth, these dragons spit out fiery blasts of fangs with remarkable precision and accuracy. But perhaps the most dangerous thing about Grim Gnashers is their ability to plan and communicate with each other to outsmart their quarry."


The Grim Gnashers are best known for their shark-like teeth that can be shot. These dragons can also circle around their weak prey, despite them hunting in packs. Like the Speed Stinger and the Night Terror, the Grim Gnashers also had a pack leader. The weakness of these dragons are Sentinels, which have thick epidermal layers, which teeth cannot penetrated and these dragons protect the weak.


The Grim Gnasher's main ability is to shoot their teeth, which are from rows, just like a shark and those teeth can constantly regenerate. They are also one of the few pack-hunting dragons.

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