The Hobblegrunt can change color depending on its mood, Yellow means happy, purple means curious, and red means... RUN! The fins on their head help sense things from far away making this the most sensitive dragon and can also sense emotional states! And another thing they can sense are subtle temperatures and sense nearby dragons and humans. Hobblegrunts are known as Lucky dragons because they predict something a split second before it happens! Another Hobblegrunt named Gruff was blinded by a tree snare trap and became blind, but thanks to his super powerful senses he can live happily at Dragon Mountain. Gruff’s personality is sensitive survivor.

Attack: 18 Class: Stoker

Speed: 4 Wingspan: 63 ft

Armor: 16 Weight: 4500 lbs

Fire power: 18 Length: 55 ft

Shot limit: 13 Fire Type: Ethane Expectorant

Venom: 0 Food of Choice: Fish

Jaw strength: 7

Stealth: 5

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