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The Hobgobbler is a Stoker and Mystery Class Dragon that first appeared in the movie, How to Train your Dragon: The Hidden World.

"Pug-nosed, wide-eyed and drooling, Hobgobblers would be cute — if they weren't so destructive! They love to devour everything in their paths like airborne piranhas."
―Dragonpedia stat card


Hobgobblers have the ability of feeding frenzy in packs just like piranhas. They are known to eat boats planks in packs. They are also known to be fertile, which means that they can reproduce a lot of times. They are believed to be bad luck according to Gobber, because he is being stalked by one of them as he goes to different places.

Behavior and Personality

Hobgobblers seem to stalk people and they can protect the people they stalk by calling their pack. They are also known to lick their eyes like geckos and croak like frogs.