The Hotburple is a Boulder Class dragon seen in the How to Train Your Dragon Franchise, specifically How To Train Your Dragon 2 and DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. Lazy, sleepy, and with an appetite for scrap metal, Hotburples are prone to napping, even in flight. Grump, the dragon of Gobber the Belch, is a Hotburple.


Resembling a Gronckle, but with a larger tail bludgeon, smaller horns, and a larger head and mouth as well as eyes closer to the front of their heads, the Hotburple is the same color as a Gronckle. Covered with similar scaly lumps on their bodies, Hotburples also have smaller teeth than Gronckles and a proportionately smaller mouth. Unlike the typical Hotburple, Titan Wing Hotburples are larger, stockier, spikier, and are blue with white and dark blue markings. Their tail bludgeons are smaller than those of a normal Hotburple. The eggs of this dragon are oval-shaped and lumpy, just like the skin of their parents.


Hotburples are lazy and often spend the majority of their time sleeping. They're known to fall asleep while flying and are laid back and very calm, much like a sleepy cat. However, when roused and angered, Hotburples will awaken from their sedentary nature with fury unbridled.


Hotburples can eat metal and iron ores as well as rocks, and can sleep while flying. This dragon also, like a Gronckle can recharge its shots by eating rocks and scrap metal. Their fire is akin to molten lava, just as a Gronckle's is, and the power of their fireballs rivals a Night Fury's. They are the only dragon that can bite through a dragon-proof cage and are well-equipped for combat with their horns, thick hide,s and tail bludgeons.

Attack:8 Jaw strength:20

Speed:4 Stealth:4



Shot limit:6