Ignia is a male Dragon living in Giltena and the Fire God Dragon. He is the biological son of the Fire Dragon King, Igneel and the foster brother of Dragon Slayer Natsu Dragneel.


Ignia is a proud dragon, and very confident in his abilities. He is seemingly obsessed with fighting his foster brother, Natsu, until one of them turns to ash. As such, he was willing to light an entire city ablaze in order to give Natsu a temporary power boost and thereby a chance to defeat Mercphobia during their battle. He decided to remain impartial during the fight, but looked forward to fighting Natsu afterwards to see which of them was stronger. Ignia thought very little of his father, as male Dragons generally left their hatchlings to be raised by their mothers. As a result, he only wished to surpass his father's killer, Acnologia, to prove himself greater than Igneel. As Acnologia was killed by Natsu, Ignia decided to fight Natsu instead to prove himself better than the human who killed the black dragon. Mercuphobia referred to him as belligerent, a personality trait that describes him aptly.

Otherwise, he cares very little for those around him, save for Dogramag, whom he considered his one and only friend. He will burn down many countries and towns, just to show off his display of power. He even tried to provoke Natsu into harboring anger and hatred for him when he threatened the lives of his friends. It also seems that he doesn't care much about the death of his father, despite seeming fully well aware of it, as well as him leaving him behind in the past.

In addition to these aforementioned traits, Ignia also is shown to have a desire to restore the age of dragons, as he revealed to Selene before they engaged in battle that he and Dogramag were elaborating a scheme to return dragons to power after the events of Acnologia's genocide.
Ignia human.png
Ignia in his human form.

Appearance and Abilities

Ignia heavily resembles his father, having inherited Igneel’s dark-red scales, beige underside, and horn-tipped nose. Being a dragon, he is large in size with bat-like wings, and sports canine teeth and sharp claws. Ignia bears several spines around his face, with a large crystal-like horn protruding from the top of his head. Two fire-like tattoos can be seen on his chest, and flames radiate off various parts of his body. He has more spikes along his body than his father, including several on his shoulders and a mane of thick hair.

In human form, Ignia takes on the appearance of a toned, muscular man. His light-colored orange hair is styled upwards, with the tips somewhat tinged and two strands framing the sides of his head. He has several tattoos on his upper body, including flame-like ones on his face, a sun that covers much of his left pectoral, and a tribal design that runs down his left arm. For attire, Ignia dons loose pants with a fur lining in the middle: the top is dark-colored while the bottom is light. He wears a wrap around his waist, with an apron-like cloth over his pants, bearing diamond shapes and an X-design. Bandages cover his right forearm, and his accessories include three triangular earrings on each ear, and a large chain around his neck with a cross-shaped pendant.

Ignia was incredibly strong, so much so that he was on par if not superior to Acnologia (the very dragon that murdered his father) in regards to his strength. Though his power was weak against that of a water dragon such as Mercuphobia, Ignia was strong enough set Mercuphobia's city of Elmina ablaze, and his fire could burn water. It is likely that he shares the exact same powers and techniques as Igneel and Natsu, but on a much greater scale.


Ignia was alive to witness the Dragon King Festival, but did not participate, as his father did. Fleeing with four other dragons from the conflict, Ignia and the other God Dragons would eventually train and grow stronger, eventually surpassing Acnologia in strength.

During Natsu's battle with Mercphobia, Ignia intervenes to save Natsu from the Water God Dragon's whirlpools. Informing Natsu's team that Mercuphobia is only fighting at half-strength, Ignia sets Mercphobia's city of Elmina ablaze. As his fire can burn water, Mercphobia instinctively begins trying to put out the inferno Ignia has caused. Ignia then turns his attention to Natsu, and tells him to eat his flames so that he can defeat Mercuphobia. He then reveals himself as the Fire God Dragon to Natsu, and as Igneel's son; Natsu's foster brother and tells the Dragon Slayer that he won't participate in the fight between Natsu's team and Mercphobia, as he wants Natsu to get stronger on his own before Ignia decides to fight Natsu himself.

Speaking with Natsu, Ignia reveals how he never knew or cared about his father, Igneel, except to avenge him in order to prove he was stronger than Acnologia. He reiterates his desire to fight Natsu as a result, saying that Natsu must grow stronger before they fight. He then threatens to kill Natsu's friends if Natsu refuses to eat his flames and leaves to await the outcome of the battle. After Natsu reluctantly eats Ignia's flames, he enters combat with Mercphobia again and thrashes the Water God Dragon like a rag doll. Ignia's flames eventually provide Natsu with the boost he needs to defeat Mercphobia, but the resulting power surge caused Natsu to lose control, wanting to burn everything to ash, forcing his friends to stop him and bring him to his senses.

Ignia later watched from his lair in a series of volcanoes as Wood God Dragon Aldoron awakened and rampaged. As he watched the Wood God Dragon annihilate the airship fleet of the Magic Council of Guiltina, he mused that no weapon the Magic Council possessed was capable of killing a dragon. Natsu would also utilize Ignia's flames, combining them with those of their father, Igneel and fellow Fire Dragon Atlas Flame and his own to defeat Aldoron.

When Natsu killed Aldoron and sealed away the Wood God Dragon's power, Ignia praised his brother's abilities from the seclusion of his volcanic lair. He mused that his brother should keep on burning until there was nothing left in the world to burn, smiling sinisterly at the thought.

Ignia would later appear at the Great Labyrinth of Dogra, a massive maze formed from the bones of the Earth Dragon God, Dogramag, Ignia's only friend, where he sought out Elefseria's heart, which Dogramag had consumed as part of a plan he and Ignia had to restore the age of dragons. Encountering Natsu during the latter's battle with fellow Dragon Slayer Suzaku, Natsu again challenged his brother to a fight, only to be stopped dead in his tracks by his foster brother's power. Ignia then continued on his way after demonstrating a small extent of his abilities, which destroyed a large portion of the otherwise indestructible labyrinth.

Making his way to the labyrinth's center, he eventually found Elefseria's heart, whereupon he was confronted by Selene, the Moon Dragon God, who had sided with humans and stated the age of dragons was over. Ignia, not wanting Selene to use the heart's store of knowledge to try and destroy him and Gold Dragon God Viernes, then burned the heart to ash, much to Selene's shock and dismay. Both dragons then transformed from their human states into their dragon forms, whereupon they prepared to do battle at last.

Ignia and Selene quickly began to trade blows, damaging the labyrinth further, and employing every trick at their disposal. Selene initially thought she had the upper hand, but even with her magic to help her, Selene was heavily damaged by Ignia's flames, while Ignia was himself showing little in the way of exhaustion or injury. The fight caused Natsu, fellow Dragon Slayer Suzaku of Diabolos, and Natsu's exceed friend Happy to stare in shock and amazement. However, for Natsu, the fight caused flashbacks of his father's death and Natsu screamed for the two dragons to stop fighting. Selene was appalled at why he wanted the fight to stop, but Ignia knew that Natsu did not want to see a repeat of Igneel's death. However, Ignia told Natsu that he was different from their father, and stronger than Acnologia, before sending a full-powered Fire Dragon Roar through Selene's neck. Shocked and horrified by the underhanded blow his brother had delivered, Natsu shouted Ignia's name in rage as his companions looked on in terror.

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