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  Hi there! I've noticed some problems with this page, please take note when editing: Ryu just means dragon in Japanese, this needs to be reworked and the main page should talk about the dragon in general, rather than the Dragonology variety.


The Japanese Ryu (Draco orientalis japonicus) is, like the Korean Yong, a lover of volcanic hot springs.


They are 10 feet high and 30 feet long. There are four legs, no wings and three toes on each foot. Mane and wattles are shorter than those of the Chinese Lung and the distance between their legs is longer. Colouration is blue, red, green or gold with the females having feathered tails. The eggs are identical to the Lung eggs except for being half of the size and laid in boiling pools, from which the infants will emerge when fully grown. Their diet is omnivorous and their lair is typically underwater. Ryu can breathe fire but more commonly impale their prey. Ryu are also associated with Shinto and Buddhist temples, which has led to some of them being able to write.