"Rare ore can be mined from these enormous dragons' backs; thus they are considered prosperity symbols. They swallow vast amounts of organic material and are always surrounded by scavenging Delex, which sailors use to locate them."
―Hunter's Notes

Jhen Mohran is an Elder Dragon appearing in several Monster Hunter games


Jhen Mohran is a gargantuan creature, having a long stocky body somewhat resembling a whale. It's underbelly is smooth, while it's back is hard and scaly, with a rock-like spine. The creatures front arms are short and stubby, and the back legs have been reduced to small fins. The creature has a large mouth with flat teeth, and two large tusks. While originally dull blue, accumulated sand and rock deposits have turned the creature tan.


Jhen Mohran has been known about for quite some time to those who cross the Great Desert. While its presence can sometime be problematic for ships, it is usually regarded as a good omen, and is frequently hunted and chased when one appears during a yearly festival in cities such as Loc Lac and Val Habar. The reason for this being that rare ores tend to accumulate on the Mohran's back, so hunters will board the creatures to mine, as well as pry off scales and armor plating.


Mohrans are one of only a few creatures to inhabit the Great Desert, as they rely on being able to swim through the sand. The dwarf all other organisms by far, and feed on just about anything that passes by. Small reptilian creatures known as Delex will sometimes follow behind to pick off scraps.


The sands of the Great Desert are abnormally fine and loose, allowing the Mohran to actually "swim" through it. The creature typically attacks by ramming, impaling with its tusks, or belly flopping onto ships. Despite it's immense size and weight, Jhen Mohran can leap clear out of the sand and over the mast of a sand ship.

When at a distance, Jhen Mohran can jerk its body to send boulders flying up and towards enemies. It can also draw in and release a massive blast of sand.


Mohrans usually feature a weakness to Ice, and have highly sensitive ears, allowing them to be stunned by sudden loud noises. Additionally, these creatures are large targets and are slow to react, allowing hunters to board them and plant bombs or mine ore, or target them with cannons or ballista.

Hallowed Mohran

MH3U-Hallowed Jhen Mohran Render 001

A subspecies of Jhen Mohran that very rarely appears, and only at night. It has dark scales and a spine the color of amethyst. While hardier and more aggressive, the ore found on it's back is even rarer.

Dah'ren Mohran

MH4-Dah'ren Mohran Render 001

A related species that often preys on other Mohran. Dah'ren has more ridges and spines, sharp teeth, rust-colored scales, a blowhole, and large knife-like horn. It spins as it dives into the sand, and can fire a much larger boulder from its blowhole.

While it does have ore on it's back, its more aggressive nature makes it too dangerous to farm.

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