King Ghidorah is an alien three-headed dragon who is the arch nemesis of Godzilla. He breathes electric bolts of lightning and is a very deadly foe. Ghidrah, his other name, is his first name.


Showa Series

His first appearance was in the Showa series. Ghidrah was quite a threat and was barely defeated by mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla. The next movie Ailen's tricked earth to release Rodan and Godzilla on their planet in zero gravity to battle King Ghidorah only to get mind controlled. The aliens released the monsters upon earth to wreck havoc. The two monsters broke free of their mind control and then fought Ghidorah once more. Many movies later he appeared in Godzilla vs Gigan and teamed up with the chicken-like creature named Gigan against Godzilla and Anguirus.

Heisei Series

King Ghidorah was a group of small creatures called do dorats mutated by time travelers to wreck havoc against Japan. Godzilla is there to save the day but was nearly killed until the time travelers flying base knocked ghidrah down. Godzilla ripped two of King Ghidorah's heads off. Later he was revived into a Cyborg to have a final fight with in the city. In a later Heisei movie, King Ghidorah was battling a form of Mothra Leo.

Millenium Series

King Ghidorah appeared as a guardian of the earth along with Baragon and Mothra against an evil Godzilla. After the trio of heroes were defeated, their spirits finished the fight, nearly killing Godzilla.

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