A dragon with curved ram's horns and a sweeping golden tail covered in shaggy, globular chunks of metal, reminiscent of a trailing golden fleece

Kulve Taroth is an elder dragon appearing in Monster Hunter World.


Kulve Taroth is a massive quadrupedal drake. Initially she is shone covered in a massive coat of precious metal that drapes behind and obscures most of her features. Taroth features a massive pair of curled horns covered in solid gold.

In her true form, Taroth has a thin lizard-like body covered in golden flakes, with her underbelly having grey spikes, and glowing chinks in her armor. Her horns are shown to be segmented with several different colors underneath the gold plating.


Kulve Taroth was initially sighted by the First Fleet of hunters decades ago, but the Commission lacked the resources and manpower to attempt to study it. Many years later, after the defeats of Zorah, Nergigante, and Xeno'jiiva, Kulve was re-sighted and engaged by the five fleets.


Little is known about Kulve Taroth, but one of the areas where she is known to inhabit is the Caverns of El Dorado, which feature abnormally high concentrations of geothermal activity, as well as accumulated precious metals which cover nearly the whole region, and affect the local wildlife. Kulve appears to draw the metals for its coat from the surrounding areas, but its unknown if the state of the caverns is directly because of Taroth or not. The dragon appears to have no natural enemies, as it typically takes little interest in potential threats at first.


Kulve Taroth is able to draw in precious metals, gold in particular, and make them into a flexible coat that covers much of its body, shielding it from attacks. However, Kulve can also generate intense internal heat, heating up and softening its golden coat. While it cannot breath fire, the beast can breath out a column of scorching hot air, which does serious damage to foes and sets them ablaze. Additionally, the intense heat will melt the floors and walls of the gold-coated caverns, creating large amounts of deadly molten metal which pools on the ground and drips from the ceiling.


Kulve Taroth is highly vulnerable to electrical attacks when covered in gold, and ice when stripped of her gold. Additionally, Taroth's anger will cause the unfortunate side effect of heating up its protective coat, leaving more vulnerable to damage. Taroth's activities in its home turf also inadvertently cause other weaknesses, as there are many fragile rock overhangs created by the dragon's activities, and some of her attacks will cause magma to erupt in places, damaging her if she stands on them.

Taroth's metal coating can be damaged and destroyed in eight different areas, and its tail and horns can be broken.