"It's difficult to even get close to one of these metallic dragons, but some claim better odds if the creature is weakened with poison, or has another hunter on its back, limiting the amount of wind pressure it can muster."
―Hunter's Notes

Kushala Daora is a species of Elder Dragon seen in several Monster Hunter video games.


Unlike most dragons, who have a wide lizard-like gate, Kushala's legs are positioned more like those of a big cat, allowing for ease of running and jumping. It features a thin tail, short teeth and horns, and massive wings. Most interestingly of all are it's scales and armor. Kushala's scales and carapace are mostly made of metal alloys, giving it's whole body a metallic luster and sound. The dragon initially is silvery white, but the metal quickly oxidizes into gray.


Kushala have been known the Hunter's Guild and settlements for a very long time, and while they are very much wary of the dragon's presence, they are not afraid to deal with this creature should it threaten civilians. On occasion certain specimens have been known to be particularly troublesome.


Kushala can be found in a number of environments, though they prefer cold mountainous areas. They are often the top predator in the regions they pass through, and are usually only able to be challenged in their home turf by Ukanlos.


One of Kushala's most easily distinguishable features is its metallic scales and armor, which are very strong, yet lightweight. In addition to to its metal hide, Kushala can control wind, using it for offense in the form of wind blasts and twisters, while also producing a defense wind aura. Strangely, Kushala also seems to have an effect over the weather, as violent storms are always seen accompanying this dragon.


Despite all it's power, Kushala Daora is not without it's achilles heel. One of which is poison or venom. Kushala is very easy to poison, and toxins take quite a toll on the dragon's vitality. However, the main reason for using poison is the stress of fighting the toxins causes Kushala's wind power to weaken.

If not poison, Kushala is also not very resistant to electrical attacks. It's reliance on sight also means it can be easily blinded and knocked out of the air.

Rusted Kushala Daora

MH4U-Rusted Kushala Daora Render 001
A variant of Kushala Daora. Because their metal scales rust over time, Kushala must infrequently undergo full-body sheds, leaving the metal husk behind. Rusted Kushalas have not shed in a while, and are often very old. They feature slightly different attack patterns, and much harder armor.
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