"A piscine wyvern that resides in magma. Its scales are covered by layers of cooled magma, providing it with formidable defense. It swims around in lava, sucking in molten rock to spew at its prey. Its peculiar biology makes it a popular research subject."
―Hunter's Notes

Lavasioth is a wyvern that appears in several Monster Hunter games.


Lavasioth is a large bipedal wyvern. Years of evolution have caused Lavasioth to no longer fly, but rather swim through molten rock. It's body is fish-like, with bronze scales, and short fins on its back, feet, and tail. Its wings have regressed far more than Plesioth or Cephadrome, being little more than large pectoral fins now. Glowing gills can be seen on its neck, and the beast's head is large with two small fins, and rows of black needle-like teeth. Most of Lavasioth's body is covered with hardened rock and partially molten rock.


Lavasioth lives in volcanoes, never straying far from the lakes and rivers of molten rock that flow through the regions. The wyvern prefers to ambush small creatures or even large fauna that strays too close to the magma. While many volcanic predators certainly hold an upper hand in direct combat, Lavasioth's ability to swim in lava at high speeds and burrow through solid rock make it a difficult creature to pursue.


Lavasioth can swim easily through molten rock, and is equally adept at burrow into hardened rock as well. When on the surface, it utilizes slithering, leaping, and bite attacks, as well as spewing out partially solidified lava bombs. The hardened lava on its body also increases its defense strength.


Lavasioth is very weak to water-base attacks.

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