Legiana is a wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter World


Legiana is a sleek and elegant wyvern. It has a thin body, with very large wings, and numerous membranes on its head and tail to provide further control. The top of Legiana's body is mostly dark blue with star-shaped patterns, while its underside is cream colored. Its feet end in long talons.


Legiana is a native to the Coral Highlands, a cloud-top region made up entirely of terrestrial coral and vines, where it is the dominant predator there. Legiana actively patrols its territory and hunting grounds, usually snatching small wingdrakes known as Raphinos from the sky, and even attacking the much large Paolumu.


Legiana is a very fast and agile flyer, gracefully flying circles around slower foes. When engaging up close it mainly slashes at foes with its talons, but at a distance, Legiana can generate and blast an icy wind at targets using its wings. This wind flash freezes onto whatever it hits, damaging enemies and slowing them down, making them easy targets for the wyvern.


Legiana is vulnerable to poison and fire attacks.

Damaging the membrane on legiana's wings enough will cause it to land more frequently.

Its head and wings can be broke, and its tail can be cut.

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