Lung (Dragonology)

Chinese dragon.JPG
Lung Dragon

Lung or Korean, Japanese and Chinese Dragons, are a type of dragons mainly found in China, Tibet, Japan, Indonesia, and Mongolia. The main differences between the different Lung Dragons species are the number of toes. The Tibetan Dragon looks very much like a Lung Dragon, yet is not one. Lung Dragons tend to be tamer, kinder, and more helpful than Western Dragons. They may be born in two ways: from a lung dragon egg or from a koi jumping over the dragon gate.

Korean yong are from Korea and can hypnotize creatures, a tactic they employ to catch prey. They hypnotize by twirling their bodies and making a noise similar to a yodel. They can also constrict their prey, like a python.

Japanease ryu are considered to be a wise dragon-species and can write in Chinese Calligraphy. They create ink out of substance from between their legs, use their tails as a brush, and write on shed belly skin. They live in ruined temples.


Lung, ryu and yong dragons appear in Dragonology and its sequels. They also appear in much Asian art, with scales like a koi, a head like a camel, eyes like a daemon, ears like a cow/bull, horns like those of a stag, claws like an eagle's, a neck like a snake's, feet like a tiger's and teeth like a wolf.

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