Parental Marsupial Dragon by brokenlizard2

A drawing of a Marsupial Dragon

The Marsupial Dragon(Draco marsupialis.) is a southeast Australian dragon from the Blue Mountains whose bounding gait(30 feet in one jump) makes it easy to spot at a distance.


They are 15 to 18 feet high and 25 feet long. Colouration is green or blue with brownish-yellow underparts. Males have a roaring grunt while females do not vocalise and they eat large marsupials. Lairs are likely to be in rocky cave or boulder mounds and some have been seen deliberately causing rockfalls for this purpose, however they rest under eucalyptus trees during the day. They can breathe fire but more often breathe blue smoke or box with their fists to catch prey. They live in communal groups with one male and five or six females. Unlike the Tasmanian Dragon, they are not true marsupials as they still lay eggs. The eggs hatches and the "joey" enters the mother's pouch, where it feeds on her milk, small animals and eucalyptus shoots(to aid flame development).

Marsupials eat these animals: Koalas, Wombats, Kangaroos or Wallabies.


  • They communicate by flicking their ears and drumming their feet.
  • They are generally the friendliest dragons.
  • Premier Australian dragonologist Dragon Man Dan was on good terms with the most famous marsupial, Old Hoppy(Lived to 95.).


Patagonian Marsupial Dragon

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