Mushu is a small Chinese Dragon that is very best friend with Mulan a Warrior Heroine and Star of Mulan 2 Disney movies and a Cree-Kee cricket and his friend ,he was apointed upon this duty by Ancestor Spirits of Mulans Family to protect and bring back Mulan after he broke the Golden Stone Dragon but it can be also assumed that this Stone Golden dragon has left his stone body and was in Spirit of Mulan.He was voiced in both 2 movies by Eddie Murphy and was voiced in Mickey Mouse Club House by Mark Moseley and he did apeard in House of Dragon episode along with Maleficant, Madam Mim and Elliot the Petes Dragon in Mickey and Minnes Vacation Episode he blames Maleficant for setting the place on fire.His alterent version counterpart is The Dragon, a Shapeshifting Chinese dragon wich has apeard in Disney ABC ONCE Upon A TIME TV Show in season 2,5 and now 6. The Dragon aka Mushu is potrayded by Chiness actor Tzi Ma,and its confirmd that in that Live Action Disney Tv Show The Dragon is Mushu beacuse of his red clothes and colorfull smoke when he

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changes into his True dragon Form.

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