"Flying wyverns that have evolved to live in thickly wooded areas. These sly beasts stalk their prey from the shadows with ferocious speed and dogged tenacity. Their massive tails are as dexterous as they are deadly, and powerful enough to slay smaller monsters with one strike."
―Hunter's Notes

Nargacuga is a wyvern appearing in several Monster Hunter games.


Nargacuga is a quadrupedal wyvern. It's body is low to the ground and covered by a mix of black scales and fur, giving it a panther-like appearance. It's feet have hooked claws, and it's wings are lined with razor-sharp blades. It's tail is long and near-prehensile, with extendable bladed spikes on the end. Its face is partially cat or bat like, with stout pointed teeth, and a partial beak. It's eyes glow and leave red trails of light when angered.


Narga typically inhabit dense forests, and are usually nocturnal, allowing them to swiftly ambush prey.

The wyverns are top predators, though they do have to be careful of other powerful predators.


Nargas lack any sort of elemental attack, and typically do not fly. Their primary methods of fighting includes biting, pouncing, slashing enemies with their blades, whipping or crushing them with its spiked tail, and flinging sharp spikes at foes. They typically prefer to strafe and stalk, rather than blindly charging in.


Nargacuga has a weakness to both electricity and fire. Additionally, loud noises can flinch it, though this will not work if it's angered.

Green Nargacuga

Green Nargas are a subspecies that inhabits the same environments. Their scales are brown, their pelt is bright green, their tail spikes are orange, and their eyes glow yellow instead of red. Green Nargas are typically more aggressive than normal, to compensate for the lack of camouflage.

Lucent Nargacuga

MH3U-Lucent Nargacuga Render 001

A rare subspecies that has staked a claim in the Ancient Tower. It's fur and scales are a wide mix of colors, most prominently silver, blue, and purple. Lucent Nargas are very tough, and are able to turn themselves invisible on misty nights. Their tail spikes are also loaded with potent venom, and the wyverns are much more proficient with throwing them.

Silverwind Nargacuga

MHGen-Silverwind Nargacuga Render 001

This is a normal Narga that has undergone bodily change due to stressful living conditions, giving it's scales and a fur a striped silvery sheen. These deviants are more aggressive than normal, possess much sharper blades and spikes that cause nasty wounds, and can use to their tails to produce blades of compressed air.

Fleeting Nargacuga

Fleeting Nargacuga

An Extreme Individual of Narga, that has possibly mutated due to being an albino. Their abilities dwarf all other Nargacugas in almost every area, except for stealth. Their signature ability is the power to create a vortex of blades that can suck hunters in, rapidly draining their health.

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