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Night Terrors are nocturnal so they only come out at night. Night Terrors are very small so they can easily be hunted but they can form into a form of dragon so other dragons are scared off by the form. Night Terrors hunt in packs and are lead by a white Night Terror that commands the other Night Terrors to be in a certain dragon form. Without him the pack is hopeless. These dragons are incredibly fast and strong flyers. These dragons don’t big fire for size so while in flock formation they blast fire that smacks into to each other and creates a huge fireball. Night Terror’s personalities are shy at first, but great as allies once trust is built.

Night Terrors have also proven to be decent guard dragons, and the ones trained by the Dragon Riders are a part of the security at Dragon's Edge. They were discovered on Dragon's Edge by Tuffnut, who dubbed them "Smidvarg and the Gang". Their official species name was given to them by Fishlegs.

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There have also been numerous situations where dragons reminiscent of Night Terrors have been spotted. The actual species of these similar dragons is ambiguous, and they often appear more hostile than the Night Terrors trained by the Dragon Riders.

Attack: 6 Class: Stoker

Speed: 6 Wingspan: 4 ft

Armor: 4 Weight: 8 lbs

Fire power: 10 Length: 3 ft

Shot limit: 5    

Fire Type: Discreet fire streams but big fireball in flock

Venom: 0

Food of Choice: Fish, bugs, and insects

Jaw strength: 3

Stealth: 14