Paolumu is a wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter World


Paolumu is a small wyvern somewhat resembling a Honduran White Bat. Its upper body is bat-like, and covered in soft white fur. Its underbelly and tail are covered in pink ridged scales however.


Paolumu is native to a region known as the Coral Highlands, a region where natural rock spires have been covered by terrestrial coral and vines to form entire land masses near the cloudtops. Paolumu mainly feeds on the eggs of these coral, and as such takes little interest in anything else unless provoked. While its easily capable of fending off smaller threats, it has been known to be blinded and flashed out of the air by a raptor known as Tzitzi-Ya Ku, and will be attacked and thrown around by Legiana and Odogaron, the top predators of the highlands.


Paolumu's main feature is a special air sack on its neck. The wyvern can use this sack to inhale deeply to throw enemies off balance, or two blast gusts of wind out. It can also inflate this sack, allowing it to float through the air, where it can swiftly and gracefully reposition and attack foes with its hardened tail.


Paolumu is weak to fire and blast powder.

Attacking its neck will cause it to violently deflate and ground it.

Its head and neck can be damaged.

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