A rogue frost dragon is devastating Iceland and blasting everyone in its path. A savage serpent has been disturbed by treasure hunters diving in its lake home. What is a dragonologist to do? These irresistible adventures outline each mission, propose choices along the way, and detail the consequences (scrunched! frozen! drowned in a vat of gold!) should even the best-prepared readers misstep. Luckily, each mission may be repeated as many times as necessary, and a certificate of achievement awaits adventurers at the end. Tucked in an attractive slipcase, this quartet of titles -- The Iceland Wyrm, The Dragon Star, The Dragon Dance, and The Winged Serpent -- makes an ideal gift and will keep readers mesmerized for hours on end.


Editor: Dugald A. Steer

Illustrators: Douglas Carrel, Nicholas Lenn and Helen Ward