Remobra are small wyverns that appear in numerous Monster Hunter games. They were once considered Flying Wyverns, but in Gen 4 they were recategorized as Snake Wyverns.


Remobras are small bipedal wyverns. Their underbellies are cream colored, while their backs are dark blue with red stripes. Their bodies are long and very thin with smooth skin. Their heads are notably snake-like in appearance.


Remobra are found in almost any environment, and are small and far from the top of the food chain, even when in large groups. They tend to swarm over regions in large numbers, scavenging carcasses or attacking small prey. While they won't attack one of their own, they will eat the dead bodies of other remobra. While they are more often seen acting alone, they do have a tendency to follow large and powerful creatures like Elder Dragons, leading them to be recognized as a bad omen.


Remobra are hardly threatening to a hunter, but they are not harmless either. They mainly attack by lunging at foes from the sky and spitting poison.


Remobra are vulnerable to ice attacks, and their sensitive ears mean they can be stunned by very loud noises.

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