"An elusive breed of wyvern only rarely spotted throughout the lands in recent years. Known for its ability to launch razor-edged scales, and for its powerful legs and talons which it uses to latch itself onto its prey."
―Hunter's Notes

Seregios is a Wyvern appearing in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Generations.


Seregios has an odd body posture, in that it sometimes walks on two legs, and sometimes on four. It's body is coated in sharp-edged scales. It's horn can be repositioned, and has sharp edges like a blade. It's claws are very large and zygodactyl in nature. It's tail has three short prongs.


Seregios originally was a rare wyvern, due to it's natural habitat only being a portion of the remote everwood, which few people bothered to enter. However, in recent times, the Frenzy Virus reached their habitat,and ended up creating an Apex Seregios from an unexpected symbiotic bond, which drove most others of it's kind out. As a result, Seregios are now found in almost every environment(although they seem to have a slight fondness for deserts) as a foreign species and top predator, although they have not caused a noticeable imbalance in the ecosystems, despite picking fights with Rathalos often.


Seregios are among the most nimble of wyverns, capable of easily dancing around foes on the ground and in the air. They like to slash or grab and throw enemies with their large claws, as well as attack with horn slashes, headbutts, and tail swipes. Nearly all of Seregios' scales can be moved and thrown from it's body. These scales have sharp edges and are known to violently shatter when impacting a surface, producing nasty wounds that cause severe blood loss in victims. When angered, all of seregios' scales stand on end and rattle, which causes it to somewhat resemble a pinecone.

An angry Seregios. You won't be laughing when your abdomen looks like confetti.


Seregios, like many wyverns, are vulnerable to electricity. Seregios is also not a particularly hardy creature, in compensation for its agility.

Seregios' claws, horn, and wings can be broken. Its tail can be severed.