Silver Phantom SoD.png

The Silver Phantom only flies at very high altitudes and barely visits the ground. This dragon is rarely seen because of its ghostly colors that match up with the clouds. This ghostly dragon is also considered to be one of the fastest flying dragons, as it can reach extremely high altitudes to the point where the air can start to thin. Silver Phantom’s personalities are Elusive and mysterious, this dragon rarely emerges from its protection of the clouds. It is somewhat shy, as it strays away from human contact. This dragon, however, is said to be calm and serene.

Attack: 6

Class: Stoker

Speed: 17 Wingspan: 40 ft

Armor: 5

Weight: Unknown

Fire Power: 10

Length: Unknown

Shot limit: 6

Fire Type: Blue explosive flames

Venom: 0

Food of Choice: Fish

Jaw strength: 13

Height: Unknown

Stealth: 18