Singetails are highly dangerous and are fiercely territorial. Singetails don’t just breathe fire-- they send it blasting out of their jaws, gills, and tail! This dragon will hurl fireballs at you if you don’t leave it’s home. Singetail communication relies on fire. They contact one another by setting everything on fire until the other Singetail gets to its location. They mark their territory, call for help, and find mates by setting things on fire. No dragon or rider can handle this beast because of it’s articulated eyes that swivel sides and back of it’s head and give the Singetail a 360 degree lay on land!

A way to escape the wrath of the Singetail is by going high up since there not fans of high altitudes

Attack: 17 Class: Stoker

Speed: 15 Wingspan: 36

Armor: 15 Weight: Unknown

Fire Power: 20 Length: Unknown

Shot limit: 10 Fire Type: Unknown

Venom: 0

Food of choice: Ice tail pike (fish)

Jaw strength: 4

Stealth: 10