Sisu is a female Water Dragon and the deuteragonist of the film Raya and the Last Dragon (2021). She is the sister of Pengu, Jagan, Pranee, and Amba. For much of the film's run, she is the last of her kind. She is the one responsible for using the Dragon gem 500 years ago to ban the Drunn and bringing back all the humans but not the dragons. She is also responsible for putting the dragon gem back together 500 years later with the help of Raya, Boun, Noi, and the others to bring all the dragons and humans back from their demise.


Like her brothers and sisters she a long dragon with a light blue color with two horns that also has a blue color. She also has a mane with a white-blueish-violet color and has pinkish-purple dorsal fins and tail fin and has purple eyes. She appears to have a dark blue back with a lighter blue underbelly, legs and face. She also has sharp looking teeth as shown when she smiles. As shown in the second part of the movie when Sisu and Raya travel to the land of Tail, Sisu finds and holds another piece of the dragon gem she can also turn human and when she does, she is a young southeastern Asian woman, she still retains her white-blueish-violet hair but is now more messy, she also wears a long sleeved robe with a white furry collar and has a pattern on it. She also wears grey colored jeans and soft blue shoes that reveals her ankles. She also retains her purple eyes, and have goofy looking teeth as shown when she smiles.


Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

500 years ago in Kumandra a dark, monstrous plague called the Drunn was the source of turning everything and everyone it touches into stone. All of the humans and most of the dragons were turned into stone by the Drunn as Sisu and her siblings were not. Sisu and her siblings were the last dragons left who didn't get turned into stone to stop the Drunn from turning all of Kumandra into stone. Sisu's Older brother Pengu was the one, along with the rest of Sisu's siblings were the ones who created the Dragon gem to stop the Drunn in their tracks and then entrusted it into their sister Sisu's hands to stop the drunn, but unfortunately all of Sisu's siblings have now been turned to stone leaving Sisu as the last Dragon left of Kumandra. She then uses the dragon gem to blast away the Drunn but it does not bring her siblings back from their demise only the humans. After the events of the last stand she got blasted into the water by the dragon gem and she swam away to the river's end where she remain there until she was woke up by Raya 500 years later.

Sisu is first seen in Present day Kumandra 500 years after Raya wake's her up. After the dragon is awaken, Raya informs Sisu of the return of the Drunn and how the dragon gem was broken by the five tribes of Kumandra after fighting over the sacred object six years ago. She then gives Sisu a broken piece of the dragon gem which unknown to Sisu starts to glow, she then see herself glowing and claims that the power of glowing belonged to her younger sister Amba. Raya then gets excited saying "you know what this means right?, you are still connected to the gems magic... and if we find all the other pieces we can reassemble the gem and pull the Drunn away". They then travel together away from the rivers end on a journey across Kumandra to find the other broken pieces. First they land in the Fang land where Raya and Sisu see Namaari and her troops in the cliffs while Raya and Sisu have already found the second piece of the dragon gem. After that traveled to other tribes meeting different friends along the way Noi, Boun, Ongis etc. Near the ending Namaari finds the others and the rest of the pieces of the dragon gem but then Namaari accidently shoots Sisu with her crossbow instantly killing her. But then Raya remembered what Sisu said about trust and Raya and the others start to trust Namaari. She then puts all the dragon gem pieces back together. The dragon gem starts to glow and then starts to create a blast which destroys the Drunn for good. After the events of the Drunn's defeat all the dragons come back from their demise and fortunately brings Sisu back to life. Happily reunited with her kind, Sisu then greets Raya by splashing water on her with her tail. She then meets chief Benja and later attends the unification of the tribes of Kumandra before going back to her kind and relives her life again with her kind and both mankind and dragons co-existing together again with Kumandra once again in peace.


Sisu is shown not to have a grudge with anyone as shown when Namaari accidently shoots and kills Sisu. She is also shown to be very brave and protective as shown when Namaari was going to seriously hurt Raya but then shapeshifts into her dragon form and bravely faces Namaari, despite the fact that Namaari was armed with a dangerous weapon.


As a Water Dragon, Sisu is shown to many abilities coming from her brothers and sisters such as when she meets Raya and she learns she has one of her sisters powers she claims she is a really good swimmer, and also shown when she holds a piece of the dragon gem is starts to glow claiming it's her younger sister Amba's magic. She then finds another piece in Fang and then starts to shapeshift into a human claims this power belongs to her older sister Pranee. When Sisu and her friends end up in the land of spine Sisu has another piece of the gem and then starts to create fog this power belonging to her brother Jagan. And last but not least when Sisu and friends was traveling on a river Sisu yet again has another piece of the gem and starts to summon rain this power having been Pengu's. She like all the rest of her dragon kind has the abliltiy to create temporary platforms to fly on using rain drops.


  • Sisu is based on the southeast Asian dragons known as the Naga, which were tied to the element of water.