The Slitherwing is a Mystery Class Dragon that first appeared in Race to the Edge from the episode, No Dragon Left Behind of Dragons: Race to the Edge.

"Giant winged snakes with venomous scales and fangs, Slitherwings are truly the stuff of nightmares!
As if one Slitherwing wasn’t deadly enough, the poisonous dragons tend to hunt in packs. Like regular snakes, a Slitherwing’s bright coloration indicates its venom level. The more colorful the Slitherwing, the deadlier the attack. These oversized serpents slither at top speeds, sedate prey with the toxins in their bites, and drag them back to their pit for dinner. Equally aggressive against Vikings and dragons, Slitherwings fear only one thing: Fire."


Slitherwings are predatory dragons. They prey on Death Songs. Slitherwings are armed with venom spitting and skin poison coating in order to attack or to defend. Since their skin has poison coating, they are immune to Death Song Amber Spit, which can't trap them. They also have very fold-able wings that when they fold them, they will appear as if wingless. They are also known to burrow inside their caves, since their caves have burrowed holes for them to hide in oreder to defend themselves.

Behavior and Personality

Slitherwings are pack hunters. It is seen in the episode that they are hunting the Death Song, Garff in packs. The Slitherwings' Biggest fear is fire, since when other dragons breathe fire, the Slitherwings hide in their burrows.


  • Slitherwings are not snakes, despite their appearance.
    • Slitherwings lack forked tongue, while all snakes have them.
    • Slitherwings have teeth all over the upper jaw and lower jaw, while snakes don't have that much teeth.
    • All venomous snakes have two front fangs, while Slitherwings are venomous, but they lack them.
    • In real life, there are also legless lizards, which also had a snake-like body that slithers.